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We run a wide range of BSAC qualification courses and skill development courses throughout the year.

As a “non for profit” club, our prices are nominally priced to cover costs, encourage new membership, develop divers and increase their diving skills.

Instruction is highly personalised, with small classes, delivered to suit individual needs by qualified instructors. Instruction is supported by comprehensive training materials for further study and future reference.

Ocean Diver

If you want to learn to dive, then BSAC Ocean Diver is the place to start! This globally recognised and highly respected qualifications enables diving, with progression, to a maximum depth of 20m, under the supervision of more experienced divers. It also enables the use of common Nitrox mixes to facilitate safer diving and introduces basic rescue skills laying the foundations for further development.

Sports Diver

The BSAC Sports Diver qualification, builds on entry level training, progressively broadening experience in a wide range of open water conditions, developing skills, theoretical knowledge and rescue techniques to prepare for diving to a maximum depth of 35m. This globally recognised and highly accredited qualification also enables the use of a range of Nitrox mixes to a maximum of 36% to extend dive times and reduce decompression penalties.

Dive Leader

BSAC Diver Leader qualification further develops dive planning, management and rescue skills to enable the leadership of group diving activity at known sites. It also qualifies the diver to conduct exploratory diving activity to a maximum depth of 50m.

Advanced Diver

The BSAC Advanced Diver qualification equips you with the skills you need to manage a broad range of challenging diving activities and expeditions in places previously not visited.

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